Shopping Centre Security


The UK’s shopping centres attract millions of visitors each year. They also pose particular security problems for facilities managers, who are focused both on ensuring the safety of large, diverse groups of people and protecting property.


Security risks for shopping centres can include: anti-social behaviour, lost children, fires, theft, criminal acts, rioting and terrorism. Whilst manned-guarding is a vital weapon in the security arsenal, technology, including CCTV and remote monitoring, are increasingly important elements in maintaining a safe environment, making it as secure as possible, ensuring that it is safe and attractive for customers to visit.


The Bloomfield Group offers free surveys of shopping centre security in order to recommend the optimum system for your circumstances and resources.


Our security solutions for shopping centre may include:
• Man guarding,
• Physical security measures (barriers, gates and bollards),
• HD CCTV cameras,
• Highly efficient digital recording equipment.


Combining powerful but easy-to-use access control systems for secure areas, instant alert systems, remote monitoring for multiple devices and high-resolution, searchable recordings, The Bloomfield Group can provide an integrated security system with the highest levels of efficiency with the fewest amount of operative hours required.


We can supply any required security measures as stand alone projects or we can provide a complete integrated solution. The Bloomfield Group also provides cost-effective maintenance, delivering highly efficient, regular security services to the UK’s shopping centres.


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